Throwback Thursday: Track of the Week - Josef Salvat / by Carrie Brothers

Track of the Week
September 2014

Josef Salvat - Shoot and Run

I have to admit, I am a complete sucker for songs with huge sonic landscapes. The lead single from Josef Salvat’s upcoming EP, In Your Prime, is just that. Quiet, earnest vocals build in urgency as the repeating electronic fugue swirls and rises, completely filling the space around you. It’s a brooding mix of synths and percussion that elegantly moves from quiet and peaceful to massive and impassioned. It sounds like a beautiful woman (in a shimmering black skirt and impossibly high heels, of course), in a slow motion run, turning to laugh with you through her blowing tresses as she glides along the dark streets of Manhattan, lit by glistening skyscrapers.

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