Throwback Thursday: Track of the Week - Salt Cathedral / by Carrie Brothers

From February 13, 2012 until July 31, 2015 I had the distinct pleasure of working at CMJ. While there, among many other things, I regularly contributed a small amount editorial content. The company has, unfortunately, closed its doors and the website has been shut down. In this series, I will repost my small contributions and revisit songs that made me smile. I loved that job and what I was able to do for the company. This is my small attempt to keep the good times alive in a way that’s a bit more tangible than the thousands of warm memories that dot the world.

I can think of no better way to kick it off than with a track I still dearly love.

Track of the Week
August 2014

Salt Cathedral - Holy Soul

With a new EP due the last week of August, Brooklyn’s Salt Cathedral gave us a preview of what to expect with Holy Soul. Breathy and sweet vocals fold and twist over themselves, creating a sense of yearning as finger snaps and handclaps add a catchy staccato to accompany the pulsing drums. Ethereal electronics and the quiet reverence of an organ work together to create a slow build in urgency and ache that sounds like distant memories of a lover floating away from you in some blue-green sea. It’s the perfect antidote to the muggy August heat.

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