Throwback Thursday: Track of the Week - Emile Haynie / by Carrie Brothers

Track of the Week
August 2014

Emile Haynie - A Kiss Goodbye

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Devonte Hynes, and Sampha join forces with the usually behind-the-scenes Emile Haynie to create a minimalist, piano-led track that is quietly beautiful and hauntingly sorrowful. Gainsbourg becomes a far away, angelic choir floating on a cloud of steady electronic beats and Hayne’s subtle guitar. A brief moment of silence catches like a tiny gasp in the back of your throat and then the track dissolves into stripped-back piano and Sampha’s sorrowful and aching recounting of lovely moments lots. It’s orchestral, heartbreaking, and gorgeous. If this is only a one-off, I’ll be just as devastated as Gainsbourg and Sampha.

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